Safety is the foundation of Classic Freight Transport and is constantly striving for improvement.

Classic Freight Systems tends to deliver superior customer service and safe practices by recruiting qualified, motivated and professional individuals. We encourage and regularly participate in our employee development through mentorship and coaching programs. We have strict Alcohol and Drug policy, and random checks are carried out among the driving professionals at CFS. All our Trucks are equipped with Dash cam to record every incident. Our HAZMAT certificates are updated regularly. At the warehouse, our forklift drivers are also trained and monitored on a continuous basis and certificates are also upgraded as per law.

The National Safety Code (NSC) consists of 16 individual safety standards designed to reduce the number and severity of collisions involving commercial vehicles. The Carrier Profile is the company's score card that includes the history of convictions, inspections and collisions provided by the Department of Transportation, law enforcement and other Government Agencies.

Classic Freight Transport continues to focus on improving our Carrier Profile score monthly and is pleased to be currently at Level 1 compliance!


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.Jay London | Safety & Driver Services Manager

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